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Mississauga's Premier Eyecare and Eyewear Provider


Mississauga's Premier Eyecare and Eyewear Provider

At EyeCEyeCare, we take the time during eye exams to listen to our patients and address any concerns they may have.

We assess the overall health of the eye, treat visual irregularities and, if needed, connect our patients with the appropriate specialists.

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Best Optical Store in Mississauga
Eye Exams

Seeing your eye doctor regularly ensures that every part of your vision and eye health is thoroughly assessed...

Mississauga Eyecare Optical Services

Every eye is shaped differently, so one style of lens won’t fit all. We will fit contact lenses to your exact eye shape by...

Eye Care Optical in Mississauga
Dry Eye Treatment

Your eyes depend on tears for moisture and lubrication – without them, you may experience itching, redness...

Opticals in Mississauga

Our experienced optical consultant will sit down with you to choose from our wide selection of designer eyewear...

Optical Place in Mississauga
Eye Care for Kids

Young children usually have no sense of whether their eyesight is good or not. Whatever their vision is like...

Eye Care Optical Mississauga

We hand-select eyewear from quality suppliers, keeping in mind our clients’ preferences and the latest...


Look After Your Eyes

We are conveniently located in the heart of Mississauga!
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